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Red, Bacon and Work

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1. A great red fireball in the sky as the sun appears in the east.

2. A Bacon sandwich for breakfast, along with some brown sauce.

3. A quiet day at work.

catch up, coffee, adobo

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It’s a nice feeling when one gets caught up with all the little tasks, as I did today.

A mug of smooth fresh coffee after that!

Chicken adobo was really very good for dinner.

Coffee, Bacon, Work

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The coffee in Kudu is always superb. Best in town in my opinion.

The bacon sandwich that Kathy made me for breakfast, that I took out with me, was really tasty at 11.30am, when I finally got around to eating it.

A laptop sorted, A little more work for a requested upgrade. An appointment this afternoon. Work is certainly picking up at the moment.