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Grass, Noise, Tea

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  1. The smell of cut grass when out walking this morning.
  2. While walking along a busy road, there was a 20 odd second gap in the traffic in both directions. It was so quiet without vehicle noise! Most enjoyable while it lasted.
  3. Sometimes the simple things are best. A nice cup of hot green tea.

Inbox, Breakfast, Walk

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Got up and cleared out my email inbox first thing. It’s always good to see that empty!

Tucked into an old favorite for breaksfast – Shredded Wheat and warm milk.

Went out for a walk.  The weather was very gray and overcast, and there were a few threatening raindrops, but they didn’t materialize and the walk was invigorating.

Photography, BBQ, Marsh

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Took some interesting photographs around the Oak Island area

The local BBQ was pretty darn good

A nice peaceful pleasant walk by the marshes