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Lie-In, Shredded Wheat, Lectures

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A rare lie-in this morning. I am usually awake a long time before 11am! My excuse is that I’ve had this bug that has laid me low over the past few days, but I feel a lot better for the extra sleep in any case.

Shredded Wheat. A simple and easy breakfast, that I always enjoy.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. OK, I’ve long ceased being a kid (although some that know me would probably disagree). I still enjoy watching these each year though.

Pie, Northern Lights, No TV

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The Sara Lee Peach pie was quite scrummy with Organic egg nog on top!

A very interesting show with Joanna Lumley looking for the Northern Lights

No more cable TV! Internet Only. Another bill less to worry about.

Quiet Morning, No Turkey, Netbook TV

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It was a nice quiet morning, like it was a Sunday

Had a variety of foods today, being Thanksgiving and managed to avoid turkey.

Got my netbook to work through living room TV, so was able to watch some XVid format avi files on CD, whilst sitting on the sofa.