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Birds, Green and Files

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  1. I’m no ornithologist, but it was quite delightful watching birds of various kinds hopping about in the trees and in the back yard this morning.  Surburbia isn’t all concrete.
  2. After living in the desert for a few months (which has its own delights in different ways), I am still enjoying an abundance of green – and that’s in January too!
  3. Taking time to clean out some file storage, and get things shipshape again, it’s always a good feeling to get a job done.

Sun, Brioche and Bugs

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  1. Although its a cold day, its a real pleasure to see the sun shining through the trees this morning, making the leaves glisten with gold.
  2. Brioche and strawberry jam. Need I say more?
  3. Overcoming two software issues on my netbook, that were bugging me for a little while.