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Lissie, Red Rose Tea, Sunshine

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  1. Listening to Lissie – Catching A Tiger.  I’m not exactly lively first thing in the morning, but this is just right. Lively enough to wake me up gently, but not too noisy first thing.
  2. A cup of Red Rose Tea.  I drink it, English Style, hot with a little milk, and it’s a good change from coffee.
  3. Lovely to be sitting here at my desk, with the sunshine streaming through the windows in the living room.

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Coffee, Acid Jazz, Sunshine

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Not often that three beautiful things come together so early in the morning, but today they did.

1. The smell of coffee brewing
2. Some great acid jazz playing on the stereo.
3. The Californian sunshine streaming through the window

Weather, Fries, Scratch

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  1. A pleasantly warm spring day, with a cool breeze blowing in the window. Sunshine and cool air at once!
  2. Home made fries. Can’t beat them. Nothing in any store compares to my own.
  3. Finding the back-scratcher. Bliss. You all know what I mean!