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Peaceful, Grapes and Sunshine

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1. How quiet and peaceful it is on the road early on a Sunday morning.

2. Eating a bunch of succulent juicy grapes.

3. How uplifting this continuing wonderful fine weather is. Just being in the sunshine is great.

Pasta, Coffee and Sunshine

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  1. The Tomato & Basil Pasta I bought in Sainsbury’s for lunch was excellent. I’m not one for often prepared food, and it exceeded expectations.
  2. A large Cafe Latte at Costa Coffee, by Richmond Rail Station went down a treat, and made a relaxing half hour at lunchtime.
  3. Standing at the bus stop by Richmond Station, the early afternoon sunshine was really pleasant and warm, even though the temperature is only 51F.

Clouds, Liverwurst and Success

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  1. The way the clouds hung over the top of the San Bernardino mountains in the evening sunshine. Made some interesting light patterns.
  2. Liverwurst on toast. A simple thing, but something I don’t have very often for some reason, and it made a nice change.
  3. Having a fractious morning become a successful afternoon.