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Clouds, Rum and Photographs

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  1. A  pleasant cool morning with a sunrise made interesting by the rare presence of a few clouds on the horizon.
  2. A couple of shots of a smooth aged rum.
  3. Looking through old photographs

Sunrise, Sessions, BBQ

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  1. It’s not often that I’m up at sunrise – well perhaps in the winter sometimes, when it’s not light until almost 8am. Still the sunrise on Saturday was most enjoyable, particularly as I was riding in my friend Eugene’s car on the way to CreateSouth 2010 in Myrtle beach, and was able to look around. This is unusual for me, as I’m normally the one doing the driving!
  2. The sessions I attended at CreateSouth 2010 were really useful and informative. I wasn’t expecting to learn something new from scratch – although I’m open to that possibility, but it was great to get the information exchange, and pick up a few new tips and ideas!
  3. As was the case last year, the BBQ that was provided, free of charge, at CreateSouth 2010 was excellent. A hearty plateful of pulled pork, chilli beans, chicken bog, rice, salad. It was all that was needed to satisfy lunchtime appetites,  and concentrate on the afternoon break out sessions!