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Sunday, Shallots and Overtime

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1. Easy Sunday morning. Peace, quiet and coffee
2. Looking at my newly weeded shallots growing.
3. Another day’s overtime.

Quiet, Relaxing, Blogging

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1. How quiet it is outside on a Sunday morning at 7am, compared to a weekday.
2. Laying in bed, thinking about getting up and taking a shower and making coffee and breakfast, but not actually having to get up with any sense of urgency to do so.
3. Being able to write this stuff in the situation described above!

Sunshine, Tech, Beer Dinner

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Sitting outside in the warm autumn sunshine enjoying morning coffee, with the birds sining in the trees.

Setting up some new audio software to allow blogging.

A superb dinner at Honimy Grill downtown with excellent pairings with craft beers from The Charleston Beer Exchange.