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Silent, Radish, Job

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  1. Enjoying the mid-afternoon peace and quiet.  Sometimes, silence truly is golden.
  2. Some large succulent radishes from Summerville Farmers Market. You just can’t beat fresh produce.
  3. Getting a job I didn’t relish doing out of the way. It’s all about a bit of self-discipline of course.

Sandwich, Silence, Singing

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There are few things for lunch that give me as much pleasure as a freshly made sandwich with good bread, and cheese. Today was no exception.

After reading online about someone who feels they may be ‘odd’ because they like to be alone, I have to admit that a period of silence in our busy noisy world can also be a real pleasure.

Having had it sitting on my netbook for some time, I finally got around to watching the BBC’s ‘Cardiff Singer 2009’ this evening. Very nice indeed.