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Email, Beer and Albertsons

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Womens Fashion Footwear from Fussie

  1. An  email.
  2. A Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
  3. The great savings today at Albertsons.

Chicken, Beer, Laughs

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Kathy made great Lemon Chicken. It was real NOM.

Plenty of great beer to wash it down – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

We all had fun sitting around the table chatting during and after our meal.

Moon, Food, Torpedo

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Watching James May meet some former Apollo Astronauts, including two of the dozen that actually set foot on the moon. It still has a wow factor about it after forty years.

It’s always great looking in the refrigerator after a visit to the grocery store, when it’s stocked up with fresh vegetables, meat, and cheese, and other good stuff. No, I mustn’t eat it all at once.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo is described as an extra IPA. It’s got a great taste and aroma, and is a real pleasure to drink.