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Shadows, Mall and Traffic

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  1. The way the setting sun casts almost sinister looking shadows across the San Bernardino Mountains.
  2. Walking around the mall on a Sunday is quite relaxing. I should try it for longer another time.
  3. Driving in heavy traffic is fine as far as I’m concerned as long as it’s doing 70 mph or so.

Clouds, Liverwurst and Success

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  1. The way the clouds hung over the top of the San Bernardino mountains in the evening sunshine. Made some interesting light patterns.
  2. Liverwurst on toast. A simple thing, but something I don’t have very often for some reason, and it made a nice change.
  3. Having a fractious morning become a successful afternoon.

Breakfast, Chicken and Sunshine

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  1. Breakfast. I often don’t eat it, but when I do I usually enjoy it. Supposed to be the most important meal of the day.
  2. The home made fried chicken I had for dinner, was surprisingly good. I say that because so far it hasn’t been.
  3. The way the sun was shining behind the San Bernardino mountains as I climbed into the High Desert this evening up I-15