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Nature, Ribs, Stars

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  1. Getting back to nature in the countryside. Green and pleasant,  with the sounds and smells of the surrounding woodland.
  2. The pork ribs that our friends Ina and Donald cooked on the camp fire. Really very succulent and tasty.
  3. Sitting around the campfire enjoying idle chat, and drinking a cool beer under the stars.

Backup, Primal Fuel, Baby Back Ribs

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I found a copy of a backup disk that I need to do a job on a computer.  Great.

Primal Fuel is of course, coffee. It’s also a great coffee shop in Mount Pleasant that has great African coffees.

The Baby Back ribs that I had this evening at Hickory Hawg. Sublime.

Nothing, Ribs, Mothership

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  1. It’s nice to wake up first thing with the thought of not having to do anything all day. Of course,  I always find things to do, but not HAVING to do anything is nice sometimes.
  2. The ribs we bought home from the party last evening, were great with a salad for lunch
  3. This evening a Belgian Style Organic Wheat Beer called ‘Mothership Wit’ was most enjoyable