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Daylight, Quiet and Coffee

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1. Nice to wake up to earlier daylight.
2. The peace and quiet of an early Sunday morning.
3. The smell of coffee brewing in the pot

Quiet, Relaxing, Blogging

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1. How quiet it is outside on a Sunday morning at 7am, compared to a weekday.
2. Laying in bed, thinking about getting up and taking a shower and making coffee and breakfast, but not actually having to get up with any sense of urgency to do so.
3. Being able to write this stuff in the situation described above!

Grass, Noise, Tea

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  1. The smell of cut grass when out walking this morning.
  2. While walking along a busy road, there was a 20 odd second gap in the traffic in both directions. It was so quiet without vehicle noise! Most enjoyable while it lasted.
  3. Sometimes the simple things are best. A nice cup of hot green tea.