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Nature, Ribs, Stars

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  1. Getting back to nature in the countryside. Green and pleasant,  with the sounds and smells of the surrounding woodland.
  2. The pork ribs that our friends Ina and Donald cooked on the camp fire. Really very succulent and tasty.
  3. Sitting around the campfire enjoying idle chat, and drinking a cool beer under the stars.

Gallery,Spinach, Tasks

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While installing a new blog for a client, I discovered a very good gallery plug-in. It was so impressed with it, that I’m now considering adding it to some of my own blogs. I usually currently use Flickr to add images in.

I like Spinach. I like it raw, I like it cooked. Today I had both. I had some raw spanch leaves in a ham sandwich for lunch, and then some steamed spinach with pork chops and potatoes for dinner.

It’s always a good feeling to get my list of tasks for the day completed, and I did just that today!