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Photographs, Steak, Evening

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  1. Taking some photographs of the evening sun.
  2. Enjoying some braised steak and onions
  3. A quiet evening.

Warm, Bacon, Photographs

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  1. Warmth in the sunshine today makes a welcome change, when I sat outside for a while. Spring is in the air, the birds are singing,  and it’s certainly one of those moments to enjoy.
  2. Crusty Bacon Rolls for breakfast. Need I say more?
  3. Looking through photographs I took at a local flower show at the weekend. Vibrant colors.

Photography, Cornmeal Oysters, Bath

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A most enjoyable morning was spent taking photographs, as part of the World Wide Photo Walk. Some great shots were taken, and I’ve got the task of checking them out, and re-touching when necessary.

At Laura Alberts the food  and beer is of excellent quality. One of my favorite appetizers are their Cornmeal Oysters, and I didn’t miss the opportunity to have some today at lunchtime.

After 3 hours in the sun, and that wonderful lunch, with a couple of craft beers, left me feeling a little weary, it was great to have a soak in the bat h tub for a while when I got home.