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Nature, Ribs, Stars

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  1. Getting back to nature in the countryside. Green and pleasant,  with the sounds and smells of the surrounding woodland.
  2. The pork ribs that our friends Ina and Donald cooked on the camp fire. Really very succulent and tasty.
  3. Sitting around the campfire enjoying idle chat, and drinking a cool beer under the stars.

Fragile, planning, cottage

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How fragile nature is – after very heavy rain storms last evening, seeing how leaves and sand and twigs have ended up everywhere but where they should be.

A planning meeting that went…. to plan. I do not generally enjoy meetings, but for once this meeting, which was for planning an equipment move in the near future went well

The cottage pie that Kathy has made for dinner, with the left over beef and vegetables from yesterday. It’s really good, with a variation of the left-over carrots and rutabaga added to the topping, instead of just plain mashed potato as the standard recipe calls for.