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BLT, Walking, Chillout

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1. A delicious BLT, home made, with wheat bread.
2. A pleasant walk in the back yard, before the heat of the midday sun was upon me.
3. Listening to some relaxing chillout tunes.

Coffee, Acid Jazz, Sunshine

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Not often that three beautiful things come together so early in the morning, but today they did.

1. The smell of coffee brewing
2. Some great acid jazz playing on the stereo.
3. The Californian sunshine streaming through the window

Spring, Music, Brother

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Warm weather is here at last! Into the 80’s during the day! At Last!

Got a whole new bunch of CDs from artists to review for the radio station. Always good to hear new music!

Got to have a nice long chat with one of my brothers. Great to catch up with news from around the world!