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Found some screen, and after attaching some outside, I was able to open the windows in the home office, and feel the fresh air, which is so much better than air conditioning, when it’s cooler out there. Save electricity too of course!

Pleased with my progress at National Novel Writing Month, commonly knowns as NaNoWRiMo, so far. I’m ahead of the target, but I’m also reasonably happy with the quality and content. No use writing total garbage is there?

Really enjoyed watching James May take a group of 13 year olds from a school in Telford, and ultimately get them to build a full-size scale airfix model Spitfire, and display it to some WW2 pilots. Funny, interesting, and sentimental too.

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Watching James May meet some former Apollo Astronauts, including two of the dozen that actually set foot on the moon. It still has a wow factor about it after forty years.

It’s always great looking in the refrigerator after a visit to the grocery store, when it’s stocked up with fresh vegetables, meat, and cheese, and other good stuff. No, I mustn’t eat it all at once.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo is described as an extra IPA. It’s got a great taste and aroma, and is a real pleasure to drink.