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Home Fries, Helpful and Relaxing

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1. Home made fries, with bacon.
2. A very helpful telephone conversation with Andy in London
3. An early relaxing night

Weather, Fries, Scratch

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  1. A pleasantly warm spring day, with a cool breeze blowing in the window. Sunshine and cool air at once!
  2. Home made fries. Can’t beat them. Nothing in any store compares to my own.
  3. Finding the back-scratcher. Bliss. You all know what I mean!

Lazy, photographic, Consequences

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Spent a lazy Sunday morning, as Sunday mornings are meant to be, in my book, if at all possible.

Later, we had fun looking through our photographic attempts of capturing the essence of downtown Charleston.

After a dinner of home cooked burgers and fries, we played Consequences, a simple fun game played with a piece of paper. Hilarity ensued for a while.