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Batteries, Bacon, Blogs

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A nice neat row of fully charged, rechargeable batteries. Aah, organization!

Bacon. Yes, it’s a favorite for many, but it just doesn’t pay to buy the cheap stuff as it’s nasty, and so full of water it shrinks to almost nothing in the pan. Wrights Brand Thick Cut doesn’t though! It’s yummy!

Blogging caught up. Ok, it’s never truly caught up, as there’s always something to write about, but it’s caught up, just for now.

English, Pork Chop, Bath

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A pork chop, that I cooked for dinner. Braised in some leftover gravy from the day before. Cooked but juicy, and not overcooked.

English, or rather, The Adventure of English. Written by Melvyn Bragg, and read by Robert Powell. I am always torn between printed books and audio books, but this is one of those occasions when the audio book is a distinct advantage as Mr Powell reads out phrases in Old and Middle English, the pronunciation I could only guess at, if I were reading it instead.

I don’t often take a bath. No, seriously, I usually shower. On a cold day though, it’s nice to soak for a while in a nice hot bath. It’s relaxing, in the same way that a shower is invigorating.

Morning, Shopping, Quiche

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A very quiet morning to start the year. I assume that most of the locality was still in bed sleeping off the night before.

Not one for shopping, but I indulged in some gadget window shopping, and spent about $10K but only mentally!

The spinach and artichoke quiche  in Barnes & Noble is surprisingly good.