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Knock, Data and Quiet

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  1. A knock on the door. Not just any knock mind you, but one that I’ve been waking for for some weeks now. It had to happen at some point, but not knowing when was stressful.
  2. Going through some old data discs and finding a movie from twelve years ago. It seems like a nother lifetime, in another world.
  3. Enjoying a quiet cup of tea, in a nice quiet living room, all by myself. Silence is golden sometimes in our busy noisy world.

Tea, Project, Warmth

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Parcel Delivery and Courier Services

  1. A Cup of Tea. Hot Tea, with a dash of milk, first thing on a chilly morning. Need I say more?
  2. A new project from an old client. I do enjoy a challenge, and the money is useful too!
  3. The warmth of the sun was wonderful, when I went into the yard and stood out of the shade.