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No Hangover, Fresh Air and Hootenanny

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  1. Not having any kind of hangover!
  2. Taking in fresh cool air in the back garden.
  3. Watching last night’s Hootenanny from Jools Holland.

Cool, Summmer Fruit, Stillness

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1. Sitting the car, waiting with the windows open, I am grateful of some cool air that blows through internittently
2. The fresh summer fruit that I had for lunch.
3. The early morning stillness around sunrise this morning was most enjoyable.

Weather, Fries, Scratch

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  1. A pleasantly warm spring day, with a cool breeze blowing in the window. Sunshine and cool air at once!
  2. Home made fries. Can’t beat them. Nothing in any store compares to my own.
  3. Finding the back-scratcher. Bliss. You all know what I mean!