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Daylight, Quiet and Coffee

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1. Nice to wake up to earlier daylight.
2. The peace and quiet of an early Sunday morning.
3. The smell of coffee brewing in the pot

Coolness, Coffee and 70’s

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1. The wonderful coolness of a late summer evening just before sundown.
2. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, in the french press.
3. Listening to some music from the late 70’s.

Starbucks, Mountains, Late Summer

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1. Sitting in Starbucks, people watching, emailing, listening to some cool swing jazz, and, oh, drinking coffee.
2. I never fail to be struck by the majestic and size of the mountains when I look outside in many locations around here. They are never far away. Always watching over us. No wonder many Native American tribes prayed to them as gods.
3. A beautiful late summer day, that really feels more like fall first thing in the mornings now.