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Chicken, Golden, Email

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1. The smell of seasoned chicken slowly pan frying.
2. The golden light on a late summer’s evening as the sun sinks slowly in the western sky
3. Emails with some more business in

sunny, stout, business

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  1. A warmer sunnier day. Always raises the spirits.
  2. A pint of Coast Harold Stout. This is, without doubt, one of the most drinkable stouts I have ever had. It’s an easy drinking session beer too.
  3. More business in the pipeline. This is always good!

Beef, beer, business

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The smell of beef roasting in the oven for dinner is making me hungry all afternoon, even after lunch!

A nice cold beer in advance of the roast beef after a days work is most enjoyable

Business is picking up some more, at least at the moment!