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IPA, Sunny and Grapes

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1. Stone IPA is a hophead’s delight, and I was delighted with one today.
2. A lovely warm sunny afternoon, after a week of cool overcast ones.
3. The succulent juicy grapes that I got from Albertsons.

Nature, Ribs, Stars

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  1. Getting back to nature in the countryside. Green and pleasant,  with the sounds and smells of the surrounding woodland.
  2. The pork ribs that our friends Ina and Donald cooked on the camp fire. Really very succulent and tasty.
  3. Sitting around the campfire enjoying idle chat, and drinking a cool beer under the stars.

Chicken, Beer, Laughs

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Kathy made great Lemon Chicken. It was real NOM.

Plenty of great beer to wash it down – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

We all had fun sitting around the table chatting during and after our meal.