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Red, Bacon and Work

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1. A great red fireball in the sky as the sun appears in the east.

2. A Bacon sandwich for breakfast, along with some brown sauce.

3. A quiet day at work.

Winter’s Day, Google Talk and Hearty Breakfast

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GHD irons and the O pod by Cloud Nine from Bell and Bell

  1. A lovely sunny winters day. Always lifts the spirits when the sun is shining, even if it’s not a warm day.
  2. Google Talk helps to shrink the miles between loved ones.
  3. A hearty cooked breakfast of bacon,eggs, sausages, baked beans and toast.

Breakfast, Journey and Coffee

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1. A nice breakfast from Kathy. Bacon, egg and a bagel, with hot fresh coffee.
2. An uneventful drive to the airport. Such journeys can often be stressful, particularly if the traffic is bad, and time is tight.
3. Relaxing in Starbucks in the Departure Lounge, with a rather better cup of coffee than I often find in their establishments.