Posts from November 2010.

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1. Although it’s cold, it was good to have time to take a leisurely stroll around the High Street

2. A large mug of coffee in Starbucks.

3. Enjoying being able to talk to strangers, shop staff and the like without being asked where I’m from!

Breakfast, Journey and Coffee

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1. A nice breakfast from Kathy. Bacon, egg and a bagel, with hot fresh coffee.
2. An uneventful drive to the airport. Such journeys can often be stressful, particularly if the traffic is bad, and time is tight.
3. Relaxing in Starbucks in the Departure Lounge, with a rather better cup of coffee than I often find in their establishments.

Sun, Wine and French Bread

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1. The shadows of the sun on a late autumn afternoon.
2. The $1.99 Australian Chardonnay from Fresh n Easy that is suprisingly rather good.
3. French Bread and Cheese