Posts from October 2010.

Email, Beer and Albertsons

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Womens Fashion Footwear from Fussie

  1. An  email.
  2. A Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
  3. The great savings today at Albertsons.

Shadows, Mall and Traffic

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  1. The way the setting sun casts almost sinister looking shadows across the San Bernardino Mountains.
  2. Walking around the mall on a Sunday is quite relaxing. I should try it for longer another time.
  3. Driving in heavy traffic is fine as far as I’m concerned as long as it’s doing 70 mph or so.

IPA, Sunny and Grapes

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1. Stone IPA is a hophead’s delight, and I was delighted with one today.
2. A lovely warm sunny afternoon, after a week of cool overcast ones.
3. The succulent juicy grapes that I got from Albertsons.