Posts from September 2010.

Rosemary, Paperwork and Pork

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  1. The smell of fresh rosemary growing wild by the roadside. The scent that is released when you pick just a tiny amount and rub between your fingers is wonderful.
  2. Going through a stack of paperwork, and finding some stuff that had ‘disappeared’ some time ago, that I want.
  3. Having some excellent pork ribs for dinner

IPA, Meal and Web

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  1. Rare that I drink beer these days, so a bottle of Stone IPA went down a treat.
  2. A nice meal made with chicken, vegetables, and stuff.
  3. Looking up things in London, and reminding myself how useful the Web is.

In n’ Out, Old Thumper and a Walk In The Dark

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  1. A double double  from In ‘n’ Out. Not a burger chain fan, but these are definitely a cut above anything else I’ve ever had.
  2. A bottle of Old Thumper. This one comes from Maine. Not quite perhaps the same as the Hampshire, England brew, but good nonetheless.
  3. A long walk outside in the dark to calm down the stresses of the day