Posts from August 2010.

Tea, Project, Warmth

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Parcel Delivery and Courier Services

  1. A Cup of Tea. Hot Tea, with a dash of milk, first thing on a chilly morning. Need I say more?
  2. A new project from an old client. I do enjoy a challenge, and the money is useful too!
  3. The warmth of the sun was wonderful, when I went into the yard and stood out of the shade.

Cool, Tea, Bristol Fashion

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  1. This morning was the first really noticeable cool one since I’ve been here. It was only 48F outside when I poked my head out there at around 7am.
  2. Tea. Been drinking way too much coffee, so a cup of Red Rose Tea made a pleasant change.
  3. I tidied up my desk. I can’t work in a mess for very long at all, and it’s always good to get it all shipshape and Bristol fashion again.

Breeze, Joshua Tree, Money

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  1. A nice cool breeze, made the morning sunshine very pleasant indeed.
  2. Joshua Trees are kind of fascinating, and kind of scary looking all at the same time.
  3. Had a money issue resolved, albeit temporarily.  Crossing fingers for a permanent solution.