Posts from April 2010.

Weather, Fries, Scratch

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  1. A pleasantly warm spring day, with a cool breeze blowing in the window. Sunshine and cool air at once!
  2. Home made fries. Can’t beat them. Nothing in any store compares to my own.
  3. Finding the back-scratcher. Bliss. You all know what I mean!

Found, Sound, Food

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  1. Finding a 3.5mm jack adapter plug, that I need, and had forgotten I actually had. Sometimes it pays off to tidy out a long neglected draw.
  2. Immersing myself in my Bose QC15’s while I work. It’s another world in there.
  3. Weetabix. Yes, sometimes the plain and simple works best. Always reminds me of my childhood.

4TB, Smell, Work

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  1. A nice moment. With new drive docks in place, up to 4TB accessible right now. More when I get larger capacity drives down the road.
  2. The smell of a Yankee Candle. No, I don’t know what the scent of this particular one is!
  3. Laying on the bed looking at the ceiling. Day’s work done. Nice moment.