Posts from January 2010.

Smile, Fresh Laundry, On Top

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1. The picture above. Someone sent it to me in an email. I love the cheeky smile of the bird in the bottom corner!

2. The smell of the fresh cotton votive burning on my desk. It really does smell like fresh laundry.

3. Getting some more blog posts completed, and getting on top of stuff.

Breakfast, Linux, Warmth

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Breakfast was crusty roll, with bacon, and brown sauce. Simple, and sublime

One simple command cleared 60GB of unwanted files from my Linux netbook.

It’s warmed up! Now running the air-conditioning. Yes I know it’s January.

Batteries, Bacon, Blogs

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A nice neat row of fully charged, rechargeable batteries. Aah, organization!

Bacon. Yes, it’s a favorite for many, but it just doesn’t pay to buy the cheap stuff as it’s nasty, and so full of water it shrinks to almost nothing in the pan. Wrights Brand Thick Cut doesn’t though! It’s yummy!

Blogging caught up. Ok, it’s never truly caught up, as there’s always something to write about, but it’s caught up, just for now.