Posts from December 2009.

Stillness, Shower, Cat

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Enjoying the fresh air and stillness, sitting outside eating breakfast.  Some children playing can be heard faintly in the distance.

A warm refreshing shower, which is always at least a little invigorating, even first thing in the morning, when I am not at my best.

Watching a cat outside that is barely moving, but is diligently watching everything in sight.

Lie-In, Shredded Wheat, Lectures

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A rare lie-in this morning. I am usually awake a long time before 11am! My excuse is that I’ve had this bug that has laid me low over the past few days, but I feel a lot better for the extra sleep in any case.

Shredded Wheat. A simple and easy breakfast, that I always enjoy.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. OK, I’ve long ceased being a kid (although some that know me would probably disagree). I still enjoy watching these each year though.

Christmas, Cuppa, Clement Freud

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Enjoying the time to reflect on the past year,  and to remember those who are no longer here, and those that, for one reason or another, we are not able to be with at this time.

A cup of hot tea with milk. A simple common pleasure I know, but a pleasure, nonetheless.

An hour spent watching an autobiographical look at the life of Clement Freud, who died earlier this year.