Posts from November 2009.

Crusty Roll, Photography, Water

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Freshly carved smoked ham, with dill cheese in a crusty roll.

The Genius of Photography – a BBC series

A cool pint of water is sometimes the most refreshing think to drink.

Quiet Morning, No Turkey, Netbook TV

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It was a nice quiet morning, like it was a Sunday

Had a variety of foods today, being Thanksgiving and managed to avoid turkey.

Got my netbook to work through living room TV, so was able to watch some XVid format avi files on CD, whilst sitting on the sofa.

Crockpot, Green Tea, Quiet

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The Crockpot always looks wonderful when it’s full of food to cook, and smells wonderful when it’s actually cooking.

I’ve been drinking green tea today, instead of coffee. Made a nice change!

Finished up the pea and ham soup that I made a few weeks ago, and froze a few helpings of.